WA public duped again by Carpenter Government

The Carpenter Government has sold another pup to the WA public by trumpeting last year that they would create housing for 90,000 people by developing Amarillo, south of Rockingham.

It has now become clear that the area – since re-named Keralup – may not go ahead because it hasn’t been approved by the Environmental Protection Authority.

Shadow Housing and Works Minister John McGrath said the government’s announcement was particularly cynical given the crisis in housing affordability and availability.

“The Carpenter Government trumpeted this salvation development south of Perth for young West Australians, possibly looking for a first home, and hasn’t even got the required environmental approvals,” Mr McGrath said.

“Why wasn’t this work carried out before the government made its face-saving announcement in the midst of a crisis of housing affordability and availability?

“The Opposition is very aware of the need to take environmental factors into consideration when embarking on any development.

“For the government to announce a major housing development without considering these environmental factors is pitiful.

“WA is suffering from a housing shortage and the scarcity of rental accommodation is putting enormous pressure on rental costs.

“Rather than alleviating this with an approved major property development that’s ready to go, the Carpenter Government chose to sell the public a pup by announcing a development that is still years away – if indeed it is developed at all.”

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