Underground Power for Salter Point

Member for South Perth, John McGrath has welcomed the short listing of Salter Point and a part of Manning for inclusion in round five of the successful State Underground Power Program.

However, he called on the Barnett Government to fast-track the remainder of the program to other suburbs.

“In my electorate alone I am continually being asked why all of Kensington and parts of South Perth, Como and Manning are still waiting for underground power,” he said.

“I won’t be satisfied until all those areas have been connected.”

Mr McGrath said the underground power program had been initiated under the Richard Court Government.

“It has been highly successful,” he said. “It has not only created a safer and more reliable means of providing electricity but has also reduced the need to hack beautiful trees to make way for overhead power lines.”

Energy Minister Peter Collier said the entire rollout of round five was valued at $77 million and would provide underground power to about 8,200 households in the Perth metropolitan area.

Minister Collier said the successful Local Government Authorities would now develop detailed proposals in partnership with Western Power.

He said in submitting proposals, local governments needed to demonstrate that replacing the existing overhead network with underground power would deliver significant reliability benefits to residents, as well as show that they were able to fund their share of the project.

“Since most councils co-fund underground power projects by passing the costs to property owners, community support was an important factor in selecting the final 10 proposals,” he said.

“Property owners benefit from the increased value of their homes when underground power is installed.”

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