Take a walk on the other side of Anstey Street

The City of South Perth has completed alterations to the footpath on Anstey Street outside Le Fanu Court following the submission of a request and petition from local residents by the Local Member for South Perth Mr John McGrath MLA.

Representatives of the Le Fanu Court Residents’ Committee contacted Mr McGrath and communicated their concerns about the serious challenges they faced daily in crossing Anstey Street.

“I was originally contacted in May last year by representatives from the Residents’ Committee requesting action be taken to make it easier to cross Anstey Street,” Mr McGrath said,

“I was alarmed to hear about the difficulty faced by these elderly residents particularly given the proximity of their homes to the busy intersection of Anstey with Angelo Road.”

The residents have succeeded in altering their streetscape after petitioning their Local Member. Their original request for a zebra crossing was modified by the City as the traffic data for the street, while identifying it as busy local road, did not meet Main Roads’ criteria for installing such a device.

“I thank the City for acting on this request, particularly when the terms of the original submission by the Residents’ Committee were rejected by Main Roads,” Mr McGrath said,

“The City has reassured me that if the signs don’t do the job then the matter can be reviewed and there is the possibility that a different colour bitumen can be laid, when the road is resurfaced, to emphasise the crossing point.”

Mr McGrath congratulated Mrs Mary Woolnough and Mrs Mary Gentle for pursuing this issue on behalf of Le Fanu Court residents:

“It is because of the work of the two Mary’s, Mrs Woolnough and Mrs Gentle, that this issue was brought to my attention, along with a possible solution and supporting petition.

“I am glad that I could assist in getting those voices heard. Though I do note that there are some residual concerns about the design adopted and whether further work is needed.”

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