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Canning Bridge Precinct

South Perth MLA John McGrath has welcomed comments by the State’s leading planners that high-rise towers should be placed along major transport routes and not destroy the fabric of established suburbs.

He said the City of South Perth and State Government should keep that in mind when making decisions about the proposed transit orientated development (TOD) at Canning Bridge.

Mr McGrath said: “I can understand concern over Perth’s urban sprawl being unsustainable and the need to cater for some of the city’s future growth through higher density infill development.

“I have even supported the concept of increasing densities in parts of my electorate of South Perth, especially in the Mill Point precinct and along major transport routes such as Canning Highway.

“However, with regard to the proposed Canning Bridge precinct development I have not been supportive of disrupting viable residential areas, where the local people generally wish to maintain their current lifestyles.

“I feel my views have been vindicated by comments at the weekend by WA Planning Commission chairman Eric Lumsden when he said that high-rise towers would not be allowed to destroy the fabric of established suburbs.

“Further, I was pleased to read that Department of Planning Director General Gail McGowan has said infill will be encouraged along strategic transport routes, including Canning Highway.

“Whilst I appreciate the thinking behind creating higher density nodes around some railway stations I do believe there are practical limitations to what can be realistically achieved at Canning Bridge due to the river occupying what would otherwise be part of the catchment area under the proposed Transport Oriented Development concept.

“There is also the potential for significant traffic movement issues around this area if higher density is pursued away from the highway.”

The Canning Bridge Structure Plan is about to be advertised for 42 days by the City of South Perth for public comment and Mr McGrath encouraged local people to acquaint themselves with what is being proposed for the area and make their views known to the council.

Canning Bridge