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Council endorses Stage 1 of Local Government Reform Process

The Council has endorsed Stage 1 of the ‘Local Government Reform Toolkit’ (the ‘Toolkit’) work completed by the City of South Perth and has authorized the commencement of work on Stage 2.  Both the City and the Town of Victoria Park have worked collaboratively in the preparation and management of the proposed reform program in working towards ensuring the best outcomes for our community, staff, the new local government entity and its stakeholders.

A step-by-step practical Toolkit guide was developed by the Department of Local Government and Communities in conjunction with WA Local Government Association (WALGA) and the Local Government Managers Australia (LGMA).  The Toolkit was presented to all metropolitan local governments in February 2014, and identified core activities grouped by function to be addressed over four stages in implementing reform:

  • Stage 1: Review (until August 2014)
  • Stage 2: Plan (August 2014 – March 2015)
  • Stage 3: Mobilise (April 2015 – June 2015)
  • Stage 4: Implement (July 2015 onwards)

Stage 1 of the Toolkit involved the review, identification and audit of the City’s current state and documentation of its processes, such as policies, databases and plans.  The City has used this time to prepare for the next stage in the reform process in the event it goes ahead.  The City has worked in conjunction with the Town in the completion of this work, which has involved the following preparatory tasks:

  • Development of a Governance Framework and Terms of Reference;
  • Establishment of a Reform Program Office;
  • Development of a Change Management Plan;
  • Establishment of Joint Project Teams;
  • Development of Project Implementation Plans; and
  • Documentation of our current stage and processes (Due Diligence).

Mayor Sue Doherty said, “The endorsement of Stage One activities is important given the prominence and implications of the reform program.

“We need to clearly demonstrate to our community what we are doing. In formally endorsing the work by the City’s Officers, we are accepting responsibility and being accountable – a requirement of elected members under legislation.

“Much of the work undertaken with the Town of Victoria Park has focused on review and documentation of current-state processes, including identification of risks and opportunities.  If the reform program proceeds, the work from Stage 1 will be carried into Stage 2 of the merger.  If the reform program is halted, the work undertaken from Stage 1 will be internally re-directed into improving and updating the City’s own processes.”

Further information regarding the Toolkit and Local Government Reform process can be found at www.metroreform.dlg.wa.gov.au.