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Local Government Reform

South Perth MLA John McGrath says he is extremely pleased with the outcome for his electorate in the State Government’s decision to leave the Burswood Peninsula within the boundary of the proposed new council that will take in South Perth and Victoria Park.

However, he is disappointed that the arrangement might be reviewed in five years.

“When I and some of my parliamentary colleagues supported the City of South Perth in its bid to amalgamate with the Town of Victoria Park, I did so on the explicit condition that Burswood remained within the boundary of the new city,” he said. “Now we are told by the government that the situation will be reviewed in five years’ time.

“To me this is unacceptable.

“I appreciate some of my constituents would prefer the City of South Perth to have remained in its current form but with the inclusion of Burswood I think we are able to achieve a satisfactory compromise that will provide a larger and more sustainable local government authority.

“Keeping Crown Casino, the new Perth stadium and Belmont Park Racecourse within the boundary of the new entity will help create a more exciting and vibrant city in which to live.”

Mr McGrath thanked his MLC colleagues Hon Simon O’Brien, Hon Nick Goiran and Hon Phil Edman for their support in the process. “We made a joint submission to the Local Government Advisory Board in support of the proposal advanced by the South Perth and Victoria Park councils,” he said.

Mr McGrath said: “I also agree with the decision to use the amalgamation provisions of the Local Government Act, which allow for the public to demand a poll on the proposal. I believe the availability of this democratic right will be appreciated within the community.”

Note: The Board has selected the name ‘South Park’ for the new local government in the interim until the newly elected council votes on a new name, in partnership with the community.

City of South Park Map