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Increased Police Presence in New Trial

Last week I was briefed on an exciting new WA Police initiative named ‘Frontline 2020’ which is a major police operating model soon to be trialled in the South East Metropolitan District, which includes the electorate of South Perth. The program will position WA Police to better provide efficient, coordinated and responsive services for our community.

During the trial, police numbers in the South East Metropolitan District will increase by about eight per cent – the equivalent of three extra officers in each suburb. Hopefully an increased police presence in our community will go a long way to reduce the crime rate in the electorate.

A significant part ‘Frontline 2020’ is strong community engagement, but with an operational focus. The local police teams will be equipped with smart phones and will provide their phone number to community members as a direct line of communication. The phone will also allow officers to quickly spread word of breaking incidents via social media.

The phone numbers are as follows:

Team 1 – Como, Kensington, South Perth – 0417 532 050

Team 2 – Victoria Park, East Victoria Park – 0417 538 287

Team 3 – Burswood – 0417 567 135

Team 4 – Manning, Salter Point, Karawarra – 0417 531 405

At the briefing the Commissioner said the model relies on four key components: a control centre, efficient response teams, local police teams and investigation teams. The response teams will respond to urgent calls from the community and immediate problems. Ongoing matters will be handled by the local police teams with a mind to addressing community concern and engaging with other service providers to tackle the issues behind crimes. Senior officers will monitor the actions of both these teams to ensure clear goals are set and the outcomes are what the community wants.

This model of neighbourhood policing has been proven effective in Canada and the United States. The reform has been prompted by a significant growth in the number of calls for assistance. 1.1 million calls were made last year, and this number is predicted to grow to 1.6 million by 2015.

The trial is due to start in November. If successful, the model may be applied across the metropolitan area. More information can be found on the WA Police website: http://www.police.wa.gov.au/