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Disability Awareness Week 2014 – 1 to 7 December

The City of South Perth proudly supports Disability Awareness Week 2014.  This year it is being held from Monday 1 to Sunday 7 December in Western Australia to coincide with International Day of Disability – Wednesday 3 December.

The purpose of the week is to recognise individuals and groups in the community who have made a contribution to the ‘Count Me In’ vision: ‘All people live in welcoming communities that facilitiate citizenship, friendship, mutual support and a fair go for everyone.’

This year, the City of South Perth is hosting two Soapbox Speaker Events during Disability Awareness Week on Wednesday 3 December.

Guest speakers feature:

  • Mari – who has learnt to live with Crohn’s disease over 22 years and will share her experience and day to day impacts to create a better insight into this lifelong condition;
  • Ben –  has a lifetime of experience  living with a significant disability. The nature of his condition is not immediately apparent to people who interact with him. Ben will share stories of barriers and triumphs; and
  • Bec – an articulate 20-year old who believes that being on the autism spectrum makes her well placed to understand the needs of people with disability and would like to share  the issues faced by people with a disability.

Mayor Sue Doherty said, “The City of South Perth is committed to an inclusive community, and the hosting of the Soapbox Speaker Event is a way of raising awareness for disability, access and inclusion in our community.

“Disability Awareness Week is an important time to highlight the hundreds of disabilities, conditions and diagnosis that are not visibly obvious, yet can still affect everyday life.

“The week serves as a reminder of what still needs to be done to ensure Australians with disability have access to opportunities to fully participate in social and economic life.”

Further details regarding the Soapbox Speaker events can be found at http://www.southperth.wa.gov.au/Services/Count-Me-In.