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Improved Wheelchair and Pram Access at Canning Bridge

South Perth MLA John McGrath is pleased to announce that the Public Transport Authority of WA have commissioned a third lift at Canning Bridge Station.

The lift was installed after lobbying by Mr McGrath and local constituents for improved wheelchair and pram access.

Until recently, the station was adequately serviced by two lifts but Mr McGrath said increased patronage in recent years meant another lift was warranted.

“The station is a major bus-train transfer point,” he said.

“Total boardings are now running at more than 3300 a day and this new lift will make a big difference for anyone with mobility difficulties.”

The new lift is on the north side of Canning Highway and will help passengers access the “to Perth” platform when travelling from the north side of the highway.

Media Contact: John McGrath 0412 103 239