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30th Birthday for Canning – South Perth SES Unit

I was delighted to represent the Government of Western Australia at the 30th birthday celebration for the Canning – South Perth SES Unit and present life membership awards to three outstanding volunteers – Valerie Donovan, Irwin Davey and Peter Austin. Commissioner Wayne Gregson APM also presented a plaque to Andrew Bray, the Local Manager of the Canning – South Perth unit, as part of the celebrations. The event observed the start to National SES Week (10 – 16 November) which celebrates the contribution of all SES volunteers throughout Australia.

There are more than 2000 volunteers in WA, including 66 who make a commitment to attend weekly training sessions at the Canning – South Perth unit in Wilson. These people make personal sacrifices to respond at short notice to a wide range of emergency situations. The unit recently responded to a Cliff Rescue incident with other SES units to extricate a male who had injured his back on Lesmurdie Falls. As the Member for South Perth I was informed that my electorate is often in the path of storms that come across the Swan River and cause damage to property. It was for this reason that some years ago the City of South Perth went into partnership with the Town of Canning to support a Canning – South Perth SES unit.

It was a pleasure to meet and recognise these wonderful people who often put their lives at risk to assist the community in emergency situations.

SES PHOTO 1 (3)John 9 Nov 2014 SES presentation (3)