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Disappointment with South Perth Peninsula Joint Development Assessment

I am most disappointed with the recent decision of the Joint Development Assessment Panel to approve of what I consider an excessive height building on the South Perth peninsula.

I think it is totally inappropriate for a building of 29 storeys to be located on the peninsula at 74 Mill Point Road.

I doubt any South Perth resident, including councillors who agreed to amend the local town planning scheme, envisaged that buildings of this additional height would be allowed under a discretionary power to exceed the prescribed 25 metre, or 8 storey, height limit.

I believe there should be some limit on the extent of the bonus height which may be granted under the discretion provision of the scheme.

It is my hope that for some reason the approved building will not proceed to construction and the City of South Perth moves to amend the town planning scheme to restrict the discretionary power by specifying a reasonable percentage bonus over the prescribed height limit in this part of the peninsula.

I think this is necessary because there is a limit to how much additional traffic can be accommodated on the existing road network which cannot be expanded.

Whilst I am not opposed to the higher buildings which have been approved around the civic triangle and closer to the proposed train station I do believe the peninsula deserves to be protected from this form of development.