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Mends Street foreshore project

Congratulations to the City of South Perth for completing work on the sensational promenade along the Swan River foreshore at Mends Street. As the Member for South Perth, I was able to persuade the State Government to contribute to the project, which is part of the City’s plan to enliven the Mends Street precinct. I’m sure it will be welcomed by all those residents and visitors to our beautiful foreshore.

John McGrath MLA and Geoff Glass, CEO City of South Perth at the Mends Street precinct
John McGrath MLA and Geoff Glass, CEO City of South Perth at the Mends Street precinct
John McGrath MLA with the City of South Perth's CEO, Geoff Glass, and Director of Infrastructure Services, Mark Taylor, at the Mends Street foreshore
John McGrath MLA with the City of South Perth’s CEO, Geoff Glass, and Director of Infrastructure Services, Mark Taylor, at the Mends Street foreshore

Remembrance Day 2015 “Lest We Forget”

Today I commemorated Remembrance Day with the City of South Perth and the Sub-Branch of the Returned and Services League in the City’s Memorial Gardens in South Perth.

I was honoured to lay a wreath to honour the many lives lost in battle and pay tribute to all Australians who have served our great nation.

Thank you to the City, Mayor Sue Doherty, MC Kevin Trent, the St Colomba Primary School singers and all others involved for such a heartfelt service


Councillor Cheryl Irons, Lorna Dodd (Nurse Return Personel) and John McGrath MLA
Councillor Cheryl Irons, Lorna Dodd (Nurse Return Personnel) and John McGrath MLA
John laying wreath
John McGrath MLA laying a wreath

2015 Emerging Artist Award

This year I was fortunate to again support the City of South Perth’s Emerging Artist competition.This year there were 91 artworks on show of a very high standard. It is great to see the competition evolve into a recognised exhibition for local emerging artists.

Congratulations to Lydia Tretheway for winning the $500 John McGrath MLA Young Artist Award. Her artwork ‘Passing the Invisable’ was of a very high quality.

The Exhibition will remain open to the public until Saturday 31 October. Members of the public can purchase a piece of their own, as well as vote on their favourite piece to be awarded the Soco Realty People’s Choice Award post exhibition.

2015 John McGrath MLA Young Artist Award winner Lydia Thretheway with John McGrath MLA, and her work 'Passing the Invisible'
2015 John McGrath MLA Young Artist Award winner Lydia Thretheway with John McGrath MLA, and her work ‘Passing the Invisible’

Upgrade for South Perth Lawn Tennis Club

I am is delighted that a State Government project to construct eight new fully lit courts at the South Perth Lawn Tennis Club in Murray Street, Como, will finally go ahead.

I became concerned to find that the project seemed to have stalled after visiting the South Perth Tennis Club recently. I then  raised the matter in State Parliament, complaining that the 117-year-old club had been let down.

The project was announced two years ago when the Canning Tennis Club was left homeless after their site in Bentley was resumed by the Housing Authority to become part of a multi-million dollar affordable housing development.

South Perth Tennis Club agreed to take in the homeless Canning members and the Housing Authority pledged $850,000 in funding to install an extra eight floodlit courts to accommodate the expanded membership.

The South Perth club also sought funding to renovate and expand the existing clubhouse.

But after two years nothing had happened. On Saturday afternoons and Wednesday nights players were forced to sit out and wait for court space.

There were simply not enough courts to accommodate the players and the club sought my assistance. Once I raised the matter in Parliament things started to move quickly. I’m very happy that the City of South Perth has now signed an agreement with the Housing Authority to project manage construction of the new courts and install lighting. Hopefully it won’t be too long before members are able to use the new courts.

John McGrath MLA, South Perth Mayor Sue Doherty, Andrijano Jareb, Tim Freeth and Stephen Zeeb

South Perth Lawn Tennis Club Grievance

My grievance is to the minister representing the Minister for Housing and is about a funding commitment by the Department of Housing to provide alternative facilities for members of the Canning Lawn Tennis Club, which about two years ago was
displaced from its premises to make way for a very good Department of Housing planned development in Bentley; that is, the Bentley regeneration project around Brownlie Towers.

Members of the tennis club were evicted from their club grounds. They had a valid lease with the City of Canning, but agreed to vacate the premises on certain conditions; namely, that the Department of Housing would fund facilities at South Perth Lawn Tennis Club. The members of the Canning tennis club had been to the South Perth Lawn Tennis Club and the South Perth club welcomed them to join it. They joined the South Perth club on
the condition that the Department of Housing would allocate funding—a figure of $850 000 was mentioned—to provide eight new floodlit courts on land at the South Perth Tennis Club and extensions and renovations to the existing clubhouse, because with an extra 50 or so members the clubhouse is fairly small. The department agreed that if South Perth was prepared to take on the homeless tennis club members from nearby Canning, it would
need those extra facilities to accommodate them.

The problem is that was two years ago and on a recent visit to the club I discovered that nothing has happened. I am sure that the minister can understand the frustration of not only South Perth tennis club members, many of whom are my constituents, but also the members of the Canning club, who moved to the new club to make way for a significant development. Members’ main frustration is that there are now not enough courts to accommodate all the players who turn up on Saturdays. When I arrived at the club last Saturday, four or five members were sitting there. I was introduced to them, and they said that they were from Canning and were waiting to get on to a court. If a person is a member of a tennis club and they want to play tennis on a Saturday afternoon—as the Speaker as a tennis player would know—they need to be able to get on a court, but these
people were sitting on the sidelines. I am told it happens not just on Saturdays, but also many people are unable to play night pennants because there are too many teams for the number of courts available. The members told me that the new courts and clubhouse development should have been completed last season, yet there is still no indication of when any work will begin or whether in fact this project will go ahead.
The point made to me was that the cost to the department would have been significantly more if it had had to find a new greenfields site to re-establish the tennis club when it had to move from its site in Canning, but because the South Perth Lawn Tennis Club agreed to take the Canning members into its fold, it saved the
government and the department a lot money. I think they have a far less expensive option.

Do not get me wrong, minister, the members at South Perth are very happy to have the members from Canning in their home; they get on very well. I am the patron of South Perth Lawn Tennis Club and not long ago I went to last season’s trophy presentation, and a number of Canning members featured in those presentations, including for winning tournaments and for playing in finals. Right now, people feel a bit let down. The club has its annual
general meeting on Saturday, which I will attend, and I would like to be able to take to that meeting some positive response from the minister on where this situation sits regarding the eight new courts.

I was told that the first stage of the development would involve site works, the second stage was the laying of the courts and the third stage would be putting in the lights, and the club was happy with that. It was to be done incrementally but right now nothing has happened. It seems totally reasonable that the members of these two clubs should be able to seek an assurance that the required works will be initiated and completed at the earliest
opportunity to allow the club members to enjoy their family-orientated game of tennis. Our government has been very good in the field of sport and recreation by supporting community sporting clubs through the previous Minister for Sport and Recreation, the member for Wagin, and the current minister, the member for Central Wheatbelt. I also understand that there have been complications because the original agreement was with the
City of Canning. Local government boundary changes were proposed, which would have resulted in the City of Canning disappearing, so the tennis club had an agreement with a council that would no longer exist. Everyone thought that the City of Canning would be amalgamated with the combined City of South Perth and Town of Victoria Park. I am not sure whether any discussions happened at that stage. However, that amalgamation did not eventuate and now I believe that talks are being conducted with the City of South Perth. This matter landed in the lap of the City of South Perth after many discussions. I believe that the Department of Housing wants an agreement between the South Perth Lawn Tennis Club and the City of South Perth to be drafted by a lawyer, but the tennis club does not want to expend the funds to do this without a guarantee that the overall funding will be put in place. It is a community tennis club and it does not have a lot of funds. The City of South Perth is not sure it wants to spend money on a lawyer either because it is not in its forward budget.
In closing, I want an assurance from the minister on the future of this development. Is the $850 000 available, what will the scope of the works be, and does the minister think the club will be compensated in any way for the two-year delay in which it has had to endure a fair bit of hardship in getting people onto its courts?

City of South Perth Project and Initiatives Information Sessions

Have your say or find out more about upcoming City of South Perth projects and initiatives at the following information sessions:

Mill Point Concept Plans
When: 4-6pm, Tuesday 18 August 2015
Where: The Old Mill, Mill Point Road, South Perth

Community Grants
When: 6-7.30pm, Wednesday
19 August 2015
Where: South Perth Library Function Room, Cnr Sandgate St and South Tce, South Perth.

Local Government Elections – Potential Candidates
When: 6-7.30pm, Wednesday
26 August 2015
Where: Reception Room, City of South Perth, Cnr Sandgate St and South Tce, South Perth

Contact the City of South Perth on 9474 0777 or visit the City’s website for more information.