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MLA’s Childcare Concerns

John with Adriana Campagna and daughter Angie - June 2012South Perth MLA John McGrath is concerned that working parents in his electorate will be affected by a serious lack of before and after school care facilities.

He has urged Education Minister Elizabeth Constable to consider providing the service on school grounds where space is available.

A service currently offered by Lady Gowrie in Karawara for after-school care is expected to be discontinued at the end of this term on July 6.

The Lady Gowrie service is available to parents with children in the Manning, Collier, Como and Curtin primary schools.

“I believe the centre wants to concentrate more on all-day childcare so the service of using a bus to pick up the children from those schools in the afternoon will be discontinued,” he said.

“Parents with children at the Manning and Como schools have asked me to assist them in setting up some sort of facility on site at those schools, run by an approved private childcare operator, similar to the one at South Perth Primary School.

“I am told that this problem is not just restricted to South Perth but is widespread throughout the metropolitan area. So I have written to the Minister to see whether the department can have a look at it and see whether there is a solution.

“The demographic in my electorate is changing rapidly with young, aspirational families moving in from all parts of Australia and even overseas.  In many cases they are professional couples who are prepared to pay for the before and after school care. However, the opportunities are quite limited.

“I believe the department is currently doing a report into potential community use of Government school facilities, and I have asked the Minister when that report will be finalised”.

Historically, the government education system has never catered for before and after school care because the Government sees its role as being an educator of our children not a child-minding agency.

“However, I think the world is changing. Wherever possible, I believe it would be better to have a facility on the school site for these children to be cared for.”