Still Waiting on Canning Bridge

South Perth MLA John McGrath said he was not holding his breath waiting for anything to happen at Canning Bridge.

“Given the Labor Government’s track record on getting things done, we could be waiting a long time,” he said.

 “Look at what has happened with the railway station at Richardson Park. The Carpenter Government conned the people of South Perth on that one. Who knows when it will be completed. I have raised it on numerous occasions in Parliament and with the Minister.

“The people of South Perth have also been waiting for something to be done with the road reserve along Canning Highway. This Government just fobs them off.

“The Minister would not even listen when I asked her to do something about fixing the problem at Manning Road, where we still have no southbound ramp onto the Kwinana Freeway. Hopefully, the urban planning study will look at that as part of the overall Canning Bridge precinct.

However, Mr McGrath said the Opposition supported development around the bigger train stations to make it easier for the community to make use of the rail service.

“The Liberal Party believes there is potential for residential/retail/commercial hubs to be developed around many of the bigger stations in the metropolitan area,” he said.

“Whether it would work at Canning Bridge poses a challenge for the urban planning study.

Mr McGrath said it would be a huge challenge to come up with a solution to the many problems at Canning Bridge.

“You can’t even get onto the freeway heading north if you are heading west along Canning Highway,” he said. “I still see people crossing the bridge and doing u-turns on the Applecross side to get to the city.”

“This urban planning study all sounds good but I want to see what they come up with.

“I want to see how it affects people in my electorate. I want to see where they intend to put the parking station and the new residential precinct.

“But something has to be done. At present I don’t think it’s very safe to have people crossing up to four or five lanes of traffic to get from Como to the station.”

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