Sprinkler Summit

The Barnett Government will work more closely with strata title owners to ensure greater compliance with future winter sprinkler bans.

Responding to a question in Parliament from South Perth MLA John McGrath, Minister for Water, Graham Jacobs agreed to invite body corporates to participate in a water summit on September 9.

The summit will be held to weigh up the success of the winter sprinkler ban, which ends on August 31, and prepare for the mid-year ban to become a permanent water efficiency measure.

Mr McGrath told Parliament that, while most home owners in his electorate had observed the winter sprinkler ban, he was disappointed that some had not.

“I’m sure people are not leaving sprinklers on deliberately. Rather, I think there has been some breakdown in communication. There might also be an issue with rental properties,” he said.

Parliament was told that the Water Corporation had issued 1160 warnings and one fine. 362 education letters have been sent out to bore owners.

Mr McGrath asked the Minister whether the Water Corporation had any statistics on the type of properties that had breached the ban.

“There are many townhouses and strata titled properties in my electorate,” he said.

“I would like to know how many of the offenders were single residences as compared with strata titled properties.” If the offenders are coming from strata titled properties, I encourage the Corporation to engage in more consultation with the body corporates.”

Dr Jacobs told Parliament that 85 per cent of home owners affected by the ban had taken the message on board.

However, he accepted that the Corporation needed to engage in more consultation with

body corporates and they would be invited to the summit.

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