Soliciting Law Should be Enforced

Local Member for South Perth Mr John McGrath MLA wants to sees the practice of washing windscreens at intersections actively prohibited.  

“The individuals who insist on taking part in this dangerous practice of pouncing on cars at intersections, with an expectation of making a few dollars from washing windscreens, are presenting a danger to themselves and to motorists on the road,” Mr McGrath said. 

“It is unsafe to have people walking out on busy intersections, distracting and providing obstructions for drivers,” Mr McGrath said, 

“Furthermore, I have received calls to my office from drivers who feel harassed and intimidated by this solicitation.” 

Mr McGrath said the main complaint had been about windscreen washers at the traffic lights operating at Kwinana Freeway-Canning Bridge overpass, a transport link used by many residents in his electorate. 

“This behaviour is unlawful under the Road Traffic Code and it’s illegal for a reason. The law against soliciting to motorists is aimed at ensuring safe road conditions and they need to be enforced,” Mr McGrath said. 

“And yet, the laws are being broken in broad daylight, with no punishment and presenting a significant risk to the parties involved.” 

The Road Traffic Code 2000 states that “A person shall not, while on a carriageway or median strip – solicit contributions, employment or a ride from an occupant of a vehicle.”[1] 

“These people are out there because they feel they can get away with it,” Mr McGrath said, 

“The deterrent comes from enforcing the word of the law and ensuring that the unlawful actions are not allowed to continue.” 

“This is not an issue of curtailing enterprising business-folk; it’s an issue of individual, community and road safety that needs to be addressed.”


[1] Road Traffic Code 2000 section 259(1)(a).

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