Slow down in Angelo Street, says Local MP

South Perth MLA John McGrath has called for the speed limit to be reduced from 50kmh to 40kmh through the Angelo Street shopping/business strip.

“I believe this should apply between Forrest Street and Waverley Street” he said.

Mr McGrath has written to the Minister for Transport and the City of South Perth, with his proposal.

“This is my second attempt to have the speeding limit in Angelo Street reduced,” he said.

“Soon after being elected in 2005 I raised the issue after receiving a number of complaints from people living in or near Angelo Street. I had been told of a number of near misses and the case of a Wesley student being thrown onto the bonnet of a car. He was very fortunate not to have sustained serious injury.

“However, the authorities didn’t think it was warranted.

“Now the Main Roads Department is initiating lower speed limits in similar shopping strips in other suburbs. Pedestrian safety has been identified as an issue in those areas.

“Similarly, I believe pedestrian safety is an issue in the Angelo Street shopping strip, an area that is frequented by students from two busy schools and many South Perth residents, some of whom are quite old.

“While I generally don’t believe in reducing speed limits on busy roads, I think vehicles should be prevented from travelling at above 40km through shopping precincts that have high pedestrian traffic.”

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