Secretary Support for Coode Street Ferry

South Perth MLA John McGrath has received support for the reinstatement of the Coode Street ferry from the Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister for Transport.

Mr McGrath addressed the parliamentary secretary, Nedlands MLA Bill Marmion, in Parliament last week, seeking assurance that the Minister for Transport would consider the Coode Street ferry service in a study being conducted later this year on the possibility of transport along the Swan River. Mr McGrath pointed out that a survey conducted on 2 500 South Perth constituents received a ‘phenomenal response’, with a vast number of respondents indicating that they wanted the government to bring back the ferry service, and would use the service when it was reinstated.

Mr McGrath noted that the Swan River is probably the second biggest waterway in Australia after Sydney Harbour, and yet attractions along the river such as the Burswood Casino have no public transport system running on their waterfront.

“If Burswood was in any other part of the world, sitting on the banks of an expansive body of water like the Swan River, it would have a jetty and a ferry service for tourists staying at the casino or in the city to visit other destinations in Perth. What have we got in Perth? We have got nothing.”

Mr Marmion, who lived in South Perth and caught the ferry from Coode Street frequently as a child, has indicated his support for its reinstatement, and ensured that it will be included in the investigation into ferry transport.

“I am happy to meet with the Minister and I hope that in the future the Coode Street jetty is opened up,” Mr Marmion told the Legislative Assembly on Thursday. “I would like to be there on the day that the ferries operate again, and to join the member for a ferry trip.”

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