Roundabout at the intersection of Labouchere Road and South Terrace

The Member for South Perth, John McGrath MLA, says he has some concerns over the proposal, announced in the 4 May 2010 Southern Gazette, to construct a roundabout at the intersection of Labouchere Road and South Terrace.

Mr McGrath said: “It is claimed the proposal to replace the existing traffic control lights with a roundabout will fix what is said to be a dangerous intersection. I naturally agree that our priority should be to make people as safe as possible on our roads. However, in making changes to the layout of any difficult intersection we need to ensure traffic problems are not just transferred to other parts of the road system.”

“I have raised this issue with the City of South Perth to establish whether this proposal stems from a traffic study and if so, what that study predicted would be the effect on traffic ‘queuing’ in any of the four approach roads to the roundabout and the likelihood of any detrimental effect on bus movements.”

“I accept that this proposal may be recommended by traffic safety experts but I recall past experiences where this has been the case yet traffic calming devices, including the Labouchere Road/Angelo Street roundabout, have had to be removed when proven unsuitable.”

“It is my objective to establish that any change to traffic control at this intersection is demonstrated to be beneficial to road safety and will not result in the ultimate waste of public funds.”

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