Residents still unhappy about new train line

Residents of South Perth have continued to contact their Local Member, Mr John McGrath MLA, to express their frustration at the noise from the new Southern Suburbs train line.

“The Minister continues to assure me that this initiative complies with the noise restrictions imposed on the project through the relevant noise and vibrations management plan.

“My primary concern, flowing from the many complaints that have been received by not just my office but other local electorate offices, is that there is significant disparity between the train’s alleged compliance with the noise limits that have been set and the detriment imposed on local residents neighbouring the train line.

“The Minister’s assurances do little to appease my concerns when complaints continue to be generated to my office,” Mr McGrath said.

The State Government is in the process of reviewing the noise standards that are to be relevant to projects undertaken in WA. A draft State Planning Policy was released on the matter in 2005 and the Minister indicated in late November 2007 that it was intended that the draft would be finalised within the next couple of months.

“While complaints of this frequency continue to be generated the train needs to be slowed down to eliminate the detriment it is imposing on local residents.

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