Potential Sale of the Western Australian TAB

Stakeholders in the racing industry and the wider community have an opportunity to have a say about the future of the Western Australian TAB – again – following the State Government’s publication of its Discussion Paper on Friday, 29 June 2018.

As analysed by Gary Adshead in The West Australian on 3 July 2018, the discussion paper is a result of $440,000 spent by the McGowan Government on a consultant that gives us nothing new.  The West Australian also discussed this as part of its review of the McGowan Government’s overall spending on consultants.

It is disappointing that after 18 months, the McGowan Government is no closer to a solution in relation to the WA TAB. It has spent a considerable sum of taxpayer money to basically take the same position to the industry that the former Barnett government did — that ongoing funding of racing from wagering revenue would be guaranteed under any privatisation deal and that a sizeable infrastructure fund should be put in place to meet future industry needs.

The former government had provided $300,000 for the racing industry to formulate its view on selling the TAB.  The McGowan Government has decided to ignore the outcome of that process and go back to square one.


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