Parking near Coode Street riverfront should be free

Sailing vessels provide unique local and tourist attractions on the Swan River

I feel the City of South Perth should review its parking policy of the bays behind The Boatshed Café and Funcats Watersports at Coode Street, South Perth.

Bays in this car park were previously free all day but have been altered to paid-parking from 8am-6pm Monday to Friday, including public holidays.

While this has had a deleterious impact on the two businesses’ summer operations, I am concerned with its effect on people pursuing recreation.

South Perth has one of Perth’s most picturesque and best continuous walking paths next to the Swan River. Thousands of residents, visitors, school children and tourists walk or exercise along it every year.

I would hate to think that some of this activity has been stopped because of an aversion to paying parking fees. Also, when someone goes for a walk, there is often no prescribed limit to how far they intend to go or if they decide to stop en route.

If you were to, say, park near Funcats then unexpectedly meet a friend near Mends Street and pause for coffee or a cold drink, you may return to a parking ticket. Even if you remember the ticket expiring, being hamstrung by parking restrictions seems most unfair.

Parking is free at weekends but this just confuses the matter for recreation users who start their activity at this point several times a week. There is another car park, east of The Boatshed Café which offers some free parking, further confusing the issue.

The cafe and Funcats provide a point of difference to other businesses. The first due to its location and the second because customers are able to sail a vessel across the Swan to the Perth cityscape and return. This is unique.

I don’t believe the City of South Perth needs the revenue so badly that paid parking needs to be in place at this spot.

Return the whole area to unpaid parking and let the people of South Perth use the river for free.

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