Parking a problem at Canning Bridge

The lack of public car parking or drop-off facilities near the Canning Bridge Railway Station is causing inconvenience to local residents, according to John McGrath MLA, Member for South Perth.

Mr McGrath said: “Residents in Como have complained to me about local streets being used as all day car parks and at the western end of Davilak Street, during peak commuter periods, there is a constant stream of cars dropping off rail patrons.

“Due to its closeness to the station, and access by walkway up to Canning Highway, this part of Davilak Street has in essence become a “kiss and ride” facility.

“The problem is that there is no roundabout at the end of the street so cars have difficulty turning around. Some drivers even resort to pulling into residents’ driveways so that they can turn and exit the street.

“There is simply no room at the end of the street for cars to complete a u-turn on the roadway”.

Mr McGrath said, following complaints from residents, he had visited the area during the morning rush.

He wants Main Roads WA to investigate the possibility of using a small area of land between Davilak Street and the Kwinana Freeway on-ramp to install a proper drop-off area.

“Motorists could then drop off their passengers in an orderly fashion and drive back out of the street,” he said.

Mr McGrath was critical of the previous Government on its lack of planning when the Canning Bridge station was first constructed.

“There is no doubt in my mind that the positioning of the Station and the lack of any purpose built car park was a bad mistake,” he said. “I am sure this can be rectified in the long term through planning initiatives for the Canning Bridge Precinct. In the meantime, I am committed to finding a short term solution.”

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