Opposition Introduced the Major Events (Ticket Scalping) Bill 2018 to Assist the McGowan Government in Keeping Its Election Commitment

On 19 September 2018, as the Shadow Minister for Sport and Recreation, I introduced the Major Events (Ticket Scalping) Bill 2018 into Parliament to control the resale of tickets to special events that was previously introduced by WA Labor.

During the last election campaign, WA Labor committed to introducing the legislation, but had since done nothing. WA Labor had a bill drafted in 2014 which it introduced into Parliament, so there is no excuse for not having the legislation ready.

The Opposition is now assisting the McGowan Government in meeting its election commitment by introducing the bill. It is up to the Government to support its own legislation or to concede the previously introduced bill was a stunt and grandstanding before the election.

The Premier – when in Opposition – went so far as to say it was up to the Western Australian Parliament to show some leadership on this issue on behalf of ordinary West Australians frustrated at the uncontrolled and exploitative practices of ticket scalpers.

The leadership has disappeared and been replaced with waffle words and a lack of action and West Australian sports fans and visitors to the state wishing to attend an event, who had expectations of action from this Government, have been left high and dry and out of pocket.

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