New $300 million civic heart for South Perth

South Perth Development

South Perth MLA John McGrath welcomes Finbar’s plans to create a $300 million ‘iconic development’ in South Perth. The initial design concept includes a 30-level apartment tower, speciality stores, cafes and a plaza fronting Mends Street.

“The creation of a new civic heart is great news for the South Perth community. This development project, created by the City of South Perth, is the result of some great foresight demonstrated by our local council representatives when this project was first mooted quite a few years ago.

“I am pleased that the proceeds from the sale will be used to fund important projects, such as the $16 million Community Hub in Manning and the $10 million Ernest Johnson Reserve redevelopment in South Perth. These projects will further enhance our community facilities to improve the lifestyle of all residents.

“The inclusion of the Heritage Council in the plans to transform the police station heritage building into a refurbished cafe will ensure the tradition of South Perth will be maintained.

“I look forward to seeing this development — and the proceeds from the sale — make a big difference to the South Perth community. This revitalisation will enhance South Perth’s reputation as one of the best suburbs in Perth.”

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