MLA Supports Public Sector Union

South Perth MLA John McGrath has shown support for workers in the public sector in their protracted negotiations with the Carpenter Government for better pay and working conditions.

Mr McGrath said he had met with members of the Community and Public Sector union, who lived in the electorate of South Perth.

“It is important that these people receive proper remuneration  for the important work they do,” he said.

“The public sector provides vital community services to the most vulnerable members of our community, yet the Government has not been seen to value their contribution. In negotiations over the last eight months, the Government has offered increase that are not substantial enough to account for the level of responsibility the workers take on, let alone the impact on their lives of rising living costs.”

“In my electorate there are many people who rely upon Government services for essential elements of their life.

“These include public housing; disabilities services; aged care; tertiary and special education; counselling and support provided by the Department of Child Protection; dental care; emergency and fire protection; arterial traffic management by Main Roads; education support; vehicle  licensing; support from the department of Consumer and Employment protection and advice and support from the Department of health.

“These are just some examples of the direct services to the community that is provided by these people.”

Mr McGrath said there was a growing fear that if workers continued to leave the Public Sector the standard of service provided would start to decline.

He said he had written a letter to the Premier on behalf of the Public Sector workers.

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