MLA speaks out on gas cuts

I think the 270 residents of Como who have had their gas supply cut off, deserve some answers,” said John McGrath MLA, Member for South Perth.

“For example: what caused this to happen, is there any guarantee it won’t happen again, why did it take so long to repair and why wasn’t there some communication between the suppliers and the customers.”

“At the very least, the supplier should have placed a flyer in the letter box at each of the affected homes, giving the residents some explanations as to why they had no gas supply and information about when the service would be resumed,” Mr McGrath said.

“For three days, during a very cold spell, many people have not been able to keep warm nor shower and they are angry that it has dragged on for so long without knowing when they could expect the situation to return to normal.”

Mr McGrath said some of the people he spoke to are quite elderly and it is not acceptable that they have been treated in this manner and he is concerned about the safety issue.

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