MLA against kindergarten rezoning

South Perth MLA John McGrath has questioned a decision by the City of South Perth to rezone the site of the Como Community Kindergarten at the corner of Labouchere Road and Alston Avenue for residential use.

Mr McGrath said the decision came at a time when there was a growing need for more community facilities in the electorate.

“I appreciate that the land will not be required beyond next year for its present use but it may well be needed for community purposes in the future,” he said. “The electorate of South Perth is going through a period of generational change with an increase in the number of young families. With this I’m sure will come an increasing demand for services such as out of school care.

 “I think it is import to retain Council-owned land for community purposes. Once it is gone it is difficult and much more costly to replace. I am inclined to support Councillor Rob Grayden, who suggested Council look at options other than residential for that site”.

Mr McGrath said he was aware of residents who were opposed to the City’s plan. “Anyone who has concerns  should make their views known during the advertising period,” he said.

“There remains an on-going need for the provision of various community facilities so I think it is important to carefully consider the merits of disposing of land already held for such purposes,” he said.

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