Minister acknowledges approval process is a let down

The Minister for Planning and Infrastructure admitted her disappointment with the stalling of the WA Turf Club’s Belmont Park Development by the EPA. 

Questioning during Budget Estimates by the Shadow Minister for Housing and Works Mr John McGrath about the stalled Belmont Park development resulted in the Minister for Planning and Infrastructure acknowledging her disappointment that the project had been caught up indefinitely in red tape.

During Budget Estimates for the Western Australian Planning Commission, Minister MacTiernan conceded that the environmental obstacles imposed by the Environmental Protection Agency seemed to have not sufficiently factored in the ‘benefits’ of the project.

“Increasingly, valuable developments to the State are failing to make it through countless bureaucratic approval processes,” Mr McGrath said, “there needs to be greater streamlining of the regime so that developments actually proceed to completion.”

“The Government’s development plan is falling short of the requirements imposed by the rigorous development approvals. This lack of coordination fails to appreciate the urgency required.”

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