Local MLA Helps Heritage Church’s Campaign

The Minister for Heritage will visit the St Mary’s Anglican Church in South Perth on 5 December to review the condition of the Church.

Representatives of the Church and Mr John McGrath, the Member for South Perth, have petitioned the State Government for support in restoring the heritage-listed building, which has been hit by concrete cancer.

Mr McGrath presented a petition on behalf of the Church to Parliament on Tuesday, 25 November containing over 500 signatures. The petition sought the Government’s support for restoring the church.

In addition to the petition Mr McGrath wrote on behalf of the Church to the Minister for Heritage and the Treasurer seeking financial assistance.

“I am very pleased the Minister has given this matter some attention,” Mr McGrath said.

“I am hopeful of a positive outcome so that this marvellous heritage icon can be restored to its former glory with the assistance of the Government.”

The Church is a distinctive and significant structure which was built in 1931 and entered into the Register of Heritage Places in 2007. The Church was dia.gnosed with concrete cancer in 2007 and the cost of the repair work has been estimated at $1.5 million. The Federal Government has made a conditional grant of $250,000 that will be made available if the target of $1.5 million can be raised.

“The cancer threatens to irreversibly destroy the Church’s foundations. If the condition is allowed to continue untreated, the outcome would be devastating,” Mr McGrath said.

“Without intervention the building will be unsafe within 5 years at which point demolition will be the most likely outcome.”

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