Local Members calls for Graffiti Taskforce

South Perth MLA John McGrath has called on the Barnett Government to re-instate the Graffiti Taskforce, that was implemented under Premier Richard Court, as promised in the lead up to the last election.

“Despite all our efforts we are not winning the war against graffiti,” Mr McGrath said,

“I travel around the electorate of South Perth and see more evidence of this.

“It disgusts me to see the wall of someone’s private residence or business vandalised in such a way.

“Something has to be done to stop these people.”

Mr McGrath said he sympathised with police, whose resources were already stretched to the limit trying to maintain law and order.

“It was Liberal Party policy going into the recent election to take a tougher stance on graffiti and I will be talking to the Premier and Police Minister to make sure that happens,” he said.

“We need a system where graffiti will be removed very quickly. We don’t want these people to be able to keep going back to admire their handy work.”

Mr McGrath said that he agrees with Liberal Party policy that demands a number of strategies to fight graffiti, including:

  • Reinstatement of the Graffiti Taskforce;
  • Tougher penalties for offenders;
  • Greater control of the sale of spray cans;
  • Wide use of CCTV; and
  • Extra funding to Local Governments to help them in the swift removal of graffiti.

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