Local member shadows WA housing

The new Leader of the Opposition, Troy Buswell, announced a refreshed Shadow Ministry on Friday 25 January, which saw the local member for South Perth, John McGrath, appointed as the Shadow Minister for Housing and Works.

Mr McGrath welcomed the addition to his existing responsibilities as Shadow Minister for Road Safety, Racing, Gaming and Liquor Licensing.

“Housing is an issue that has been particularly pertinent already for me as a local member, generating a lot of complaints to my office from constituents,” Mr McGrath said,

“I look forward to the challenge of addressing the broader issues, as there is clearly a need for a revitalisation of how the housing problems in WA are addressed.

“Currently, there are a number of issues fracturing the stability of housing availability, in both the public and private sectors and, despite the State having the benefits of the resources boom boosting our economy, affordable housing seems an unattainable dream for too many Western Australians.”

Parliament resumes sitting at the end of February and Mr McGrath will be using the time until then to attain briefs on the key issues that are and have been affecting housing and works and housing affordability.

“I take all my responsibilities very seriously and I welcome feedback on issues of concern to the public,” he said.

Comments can be made directly through Mr McGrath’s office on Canning Highway or through his website: www.mp.wa.gov.au/johnmcgrath.

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