John campaigns for extended ferry service hours

John McGrath has called on the Minister for Transport to extend the current Mends Street ferry service during the summer months.

TransPerth figures show that the Mends Street ferry service is growing in popularity with tourists and commuters.

“Extending the service hours in the summer months would not only benefit those tourists wanting to enjoy the cafes and bars of Mends Street at night but would also enable South Perth residents to go to the city at night for shopping or a visit to entertainment precincts”, said John.

John has asked the Minister to have a trial this summer, starting on December 1. He responded positively but would like evidence that commuters would use the late-night service.

At present, the last ferry leaves Perth at 7.24 pm in winter, and 9.15 pm in summer. Some people are saying that, particularly in the summer, that is too early, and even in the winter it means an early finish for people.

John advocates that “traffic congestion is going to be a huge challenge for Government as our population explodes. We need to get more people off the roads and into other forms of transport. The Swan River provides a huge opportunity for services between the city and Burswood, Claisebrook and even Canning Bridge.”

John urges commuters to get in touch with the office on 9368 6270 or to voice their opinion on whether they believe extending the ferry service hours would prove beneficial.

2 thoughts on “John campaigns for extended ferry service hours

  1. Dear John,
    Re the ferries…I have been thinking about this for several years now…actually since I lived in Sydney for a year.
    Apart from the much needed ferry service, I would love to see a water taxi service.
    Say, if you wanted to go from the city to Claremont..? To go via bus or taxi….could take an hour in waiting time.
    Imagine if you could catch the CAT service to Barrack St, catch a water taxi & travel around to the Claremont yacht club, the taxi trip would take approx 10min.
    Then another CAT bus or std taxi/bus service could take you to your destination.
    The Canning bridge/Raffles area would be perfect for business’s & the general public who can’t get parking to use the train.
    There could be jetties every 2-3km along the 50km (from Freo to Guilford & return) of waterfront.
    Imagine the tourism attraction…let alone business people, shoppers etc.
    Also for casino goers…& what a view of the city that would make?

    I dont have the funds to start up a service, but would love to be involved.
    Look forward to your email.

    Yours Sincerely,
    Kim radbourne

  2. Hi John,
    I am a resident of South Perth and live a short walk from the Mends Street ferry. I recently moved from Brisbane and was a regular user of the City Cat service which provided public transport all along Brisbane’s River. I was dissapointed with the ferry timetable when I moved to South Perth as it did not provide services later at night when we would like to get home from the City.
    I think the Perth river is very underutilised for public transport and it would take a lot more cars of the road and provide a great tourist attraction. I would love to be able to catch a ferry from South Perth to Burswood, or Applecross or even Claremont!
    At a minimum, I think the South Perth ferry should be extended to 11pm or 12 midnight on weekends and 9-10pm weeknights. A lot more people will use the ferry if the hours were extended.

    I look forward to the ferry hours being extended!

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