Hurlingham Road Homeswest Tenants

South Perth MLA John McGrath has called on Housing Minister Troy Buswell to intervene in an ongoing impasse between a group of South Perth residents and Homeswest over a block of flats on the corner Mill Point Road and Hurling ham Road.

“Unfortunately, the anti-social behaviour coming out of some of the flats has made life unbearable for people living close by,” Mr McGrath said.

“Even some of the Homes west tenants in the flats have complained to me.

“I have written to the Minister asking him to intervene.”

Mr McGrath said the Homes west flats had been an ongoing cause for concern but problems had worsened in recent times with the hockey stick bashing of one of the residents recently.

“Unfortunately, despite the best efforts of Homes west, the problem has not improved,” he said.

Mr McGrath said there had been allegations of drug dealing, harassment, threatening behaviour, foul language, loud noise and drunkenness.

Mr McGrath said his preferred option would be for the block of flats to be sold and the revenue used to build more Homes west accommodation elsewhere.

“I understand the Minister is keen for Homes west to complete an audit of properties it owns in more affluent areas with the view to selling some of them and using the revenue to construct a greater number of units in more affordable areas,” he said.

“I’m not saying get rid of all public housing in and around the City. That would be unfair on those Homes west tenants who live close to hospitals and other essential services.

“But I think the social issues associated with this particular block of flats require some urgent attention.”

Mr McGrath said another alternative would be to refurbish the units and use them to house over 55’s

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