Hopman Cup Coverage

South Perth MLA and Government Whip John McGrath has called on tennis clubs throughout WA to use “people power” to stop the ABC from pulling the plug on telecasts of the Hopman Cup.

Mr McGrath, a former Sports Editor of The West Australian, encouraged WA’s 101 tennis clubs to put together petitions and send them to ABC management.

“There are more than 22,000 registered tennis players in WA and thousands more who play socially,” he said.

“The ABC needs to understand that while tennis in Australia might be well served by media coverage, that coverage more than likely won’t include the Hopman Cup if it pulls out of the telecast of the Hopman Cup,” he said.

“The Hopman Cup is a unique event in that players team together to represent their country. I think that creates special interest for Australian tennis fans around the nation.”

Mr McGrath also warned that if the ABC pulled out of the coverage WA would be in danger of losing one of the few remaining significant sporting events in the State.

“If the ABC pulls out the next thing we will see is the Hopman Cup moving to another city.”

“WA has a proud tennis history and followers of the sport have taken the Hopman Cup to their hearts. I have three tennis clubs in my electorate and many of their members attend the Hopman Cup, either as volunteers or spectators.

“The ABC telecast is especially important for those people in country Western Australia who cannot attend the event.”

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