Hands off South Perth, MLA warns Lord Mayor

South Perth MLA John McGrath has a message for Perth Lord Mayor Lisa Scaffidi: “Hands off South Perth”.

Mr McGrath said he was shocked to hear that the City of Perth had even contemplated extending its boundary into South Perth.

Mr McGrath said the South Perth Road Board was formed in 1892 and city status was granted in 1959.

“South Perth has never been a part of the City of Perth and that’s how it should stay,” he said.

“We have a city that is very sustainable and with some great vision for the future. I can see South Perth becoming our equivalent of North Sydney, with some great residential, commercial and entertainment development in the Mill Point precinct.”

Mr McGrath said he was confident that South Perth mayor James Best would be opposed to any expansion of the City of Perth across the Swan River. “But if he has had discussions with the City of Perth, even on an unofficial basis, he should tell us about them,” he said.

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