Fines enforcement registry needs revamp

The Opposition has called for the Fines Enforcement Registry to be scrapped and for the State Government to commission an urgent inquiry into the failed system of collecting fines.

Shadow Road Safety Minister John McGrath said the review should be headed by a QC or a retired judge.

He was commenting on a report that $191 million is owed by West Australians in outstanding fines.

“The current system is clearly not working and the sooner the Attorney General admits that the closer we will be to fixing the problem,” Mr McGrath said.

“The Scoreboard tells a story of what has become a state disgrace under the Gallop and Carpenter Governments. Fines enforcement has been an abject failure.

“You could upgrade or replace 20 primary schools for what is owing on the fines enforcement registry ($191 million).

Mr McGrath said linking drivers’ licences to non-payment of fines has clearly not been the right way to go.

“There is clear evidence that a lot of people not only don’t pay the fines but they continue to drive when their licence is cancelled,” he said. “Fines are not a deterrent if you don’t pay them.”

“There is no quick fix to this problem but the system has clearly broken down and the Government has to come up with a better way of making people more responsible for fines they might incur.”

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