Extra Hours for Summer Ferry


'Phillip Pendal' South Perth Ferry
‘Phillip Pendal’ South Perth Ferry

South Perth MLA John McGrath would like to remind the community that the South Perth Mends Street ferry timetable has once again been extended for the summer months.

Mr McGrath said last year’s trial timetable proved to be a great success and was welcomed by residents, tourists and nearby businesses.

“I am a strong advocate of the service being extended over the summer months. Traffic congestion is becoming a huge challenge for Government as our population explodes. I believe that the river is greatly under-utilised as a mode of transport for our city,” Mr McGrath said. “A well-functioning ferry system can go a long way in reducing the number of cars on our roads.”

“Extending the service hours in the summer months not only benefits tourists wanting to enjoy the cafes and bars of Mends Street at night but also enables South Perth residents to go to the city at night for shopping or visit entertainment precincts,” he said.

In canvassing support for the timetable last year, South Perth residents told Mr McGrath that, although they would like to use the ferry at night to visit the city, the service currently finishes too early for it to be an effective form of transport for them.

The ferry has been operating on extended hours since 1 September 2013 and will continue until 30 April 2014.

The summer timetable is: Weekdays (Monday to Thursday) 6:50am to 10:24pm, Fridays 6:50am to 12:15am, Saturdays: 7:50am to 12:15am and Sundays: 7:50am to 8:24pm.

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