Crumbling Walls an Indictment on Labor

Local Member for South Perth John McGrath supports his local council’s call for state government assistance to repair the crumbling river walls.

“The shocking state of the river walls is yet another example of the WA Labor Government’s repeated failure to deliver funding for important community infrastructure projects in our local area,” Mr McGrath said.

“The South Perth foreshore is an important asset to WA, which is guaranteed national and international exposure every Australia Day and during the Red Bull Air Race. Local families, and people from around the State are proud of this part of Perth and it is of immense importance that this area is always at its best.

“The river walls need to be fixed and Labor has not supported the City of South Perth – or other councils – in undertaking this important community project.”

In 2006, then Minister for the Environment Mark McGowan dodged state responsibility for the river walls during an interview on 6PR (14 July 2006) with the justification that ”you can’t fix everything at once”.

“This arrogant Labor Government has no plan for the future, and is squandering our current economic good times. When I talk to local people here, there is a real feeling in the community that Labor are, quite simply, not up to the job,” Mr McGrath said.

“You have to ask yourself the question: if Labor had got behind this project earlier, how many taxpayers’ dollars would have been saved?

The City of South Perth is surrounded by approximately 19 kilometres of the Swan and Canning rivers.

Mr McGrath added: “Labor is not committed to improving WA. Western Australia is currently experiencing one of the greatest economic booms in the State’s history, but Labor isn’t doing the job they were elected to do.

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