Concern Regarding Speeding Infringements on Kwinana Freeway

South Perth MLA John McGrath is concerned that police are continuing to issue speeding infringements on the Kwinana Freeway on-ramp near Manning Road.

Mr McGrath says he agrees with the view of his Federal colleague, Canning MP Don Randall, that motorists safely accelerating from 60kph after passing the Manning Road exit on their approach to the Freeway are being unnecessarily targeted by police.

Mr McGrath said; “This section of the Freeway is in my electorate and the issue has been raised with me by many constituents who regard this enforcement as simply revenue raising. I tend to agree.”

“I think what is important is that vehicles are travelling at the correct speed when they enter the Freeway so they can properly merge with other traffic. Perhaps consideration should be given to relocating the current 100kph sign closer to the Manning Road exit to give motorists time to increase their Freeway approach speed without incurring fines as they do at present.

“Don Randall has my support in his campaign to bring about change with the speed limits in this location”.

Media Contact: John McGrath 0412 103 239

One thought on “Concern Regarding Speeding Infringements on Kwinana Freeway

  1. Hi John

    The WA Police were out again in this same spot this morning.

    As a local resident and frequent user of the Kwinana Freeway, I havent seen them here for a while. It is disappointing to see the Police back here targeting motorist for an easy infringement.


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