Canning Bridge Precinct – Proposed Redevelopment

South Perth MLA John McGrath says the proposal for the re-development of the Canning Bridge precinct in Como had created a huge challenge for the State’s planners.

He said the biggest challenge would be providing safe access to the train and bus stations.

“Those problems should be addressed before we even think about high-rise developments,” he said.

Mr McGrath said while he acknowledged the predicted increase in the population of Perth would result in higher-density living close to the city, especially around major public transport nodes, coming up with an acceptable proposal on the Como side of Canning Bridge would not be easy.

 “Unlike Applecross, which has a considerable mix of commercial and residential infrastructure close to Canning Bridge, the properties on the Como side are primarily residential.”

Mr McGrath believes the re-development proposals will have to be re-visited before residents support the plan.

Mr McGrath assured residents that the detail of how the precinct plan will be implemented is still very much open for negotiation.

“I hope residents have taken the opportunity of making their comments to the state Planning Department during the public consultation period,” he said.

“It should also be kept in mind that any changes on the ground will not happen in the short term and only after extensive further public consultation,” he said.

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