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Position Statement on the City of South Perth Draft Activity Centre Plan and Proposed Town Planning Scheme Amendment No. 61

23 October 2018


City of South Perth Draft Activity Centre Plan and Proposed Town Planning Scheme Amendment No. 61

The City of South Perth Councillors will meet tonight to receive a briefing and consider a draft Activity Centre Plan (ACP) and Town Planning Scheme (TPS) Amendment No. 61 for approval and endorsement for public consultation.

In the past few weeks, I have:

  • Received correspondence from a number of concerned residents in South Perth who are likely to be affected by the proposed ACP and TPS amendment.
  • Sought and been provided with a briefing by the City of South Perth.

I appreciate that the City of South Perth has undertaken various elaborate and collaborative processes with relevant stakeholders in recent years in order to inform and drive the draft ACP and TPS amendment.  I am also aware that the City of South Perth’s planning proposals and strategy are governed by the State Government’s urban and regional planning policies, tailored population/dwelling forecasts, demographic and economic trends.

Residents are aware that I welcome and have never dismissed any concerns that were directly raised with me regarding various proposed developments in the South Perth peninsula in recent years.  I have always brought them to the attention of the City of South Perth Councillors and staff and indeed the Minister for Planning in the former Liberal-led Government when required and at the appropriate stage.

In response to the view provided by some residents who are opposed to the public advertising of the draft ACP and TPS amendment, I am of the view that the release and advertisement of the ACP and TPS amendment to the general public for wider consultation, should the Councillors decide to do so, is the opportunity to test their content, basis and assumptions.

Among other concerns, some residents have commonly expressed disagreement over the parameters and evidence used as a basis and direction of the current planning proposals.  I am not in a position to dismiss this concern and I am willing to rely on the judgment and experience of residents who may be affected by future development. I call on the City of South Perth to sincerely address and provide a response to this (and other) concerns as it reviews and modifies the ACP and TPS following public advertising. Personally, I would also be open to and interested in other suggestions residents may provide for an alternative level of density and height deemed to be more suitable for future development in the South Perth peninsula.

Opposition Introduced the Major Events (Ticket Scalping) Bill 2018 to Assist the McGowan Government in Keeping Its Election Commitment

On 19 September 2018, as the Shadow Minister for Sport and Recreation, I introduced the Major Events (Ticket Scalping) Bill 2018 into Parliament to control the resale of tickets to special events that was previously introduced by WA Labor.

During the last election campaign, WA Labor committed to introducing the legislation, but had since done nothing. WA Labor had a bill drafted in 2014 which it introduced into Parliament, so there is no excuse for not having the legislation ready.

The Opposition is now assisting the McGowan Government in meeting its election commitment by introducing the bill. It is up to the Government to support its own legislation or to concede the previously introduced bill was a stunt and grandstanding before the election.

The Premier – when in Opposition – went so far as to say it was up to the Western Australian Parliament to show some leadership on this issue on behalf of ordinary West Australians frustrated at the uncontrolled and exploitative practices of ticket scalpers.

The leadership has disappeared and been replaced with waffle words and a lack of action and West Australian sports fans and visitors to the state wishing to attend an event, who had expectations of action from this Government, have been left high and dry and out of pocket.

Member for South Perth Calls for a Review of Bus Routes 30 and 31

On 13 September 2018, on behalf of a number of constituents who have raised the matter with me, I asked the Minister for Transport in Parliament if the Public Transport Authority would review the current bus routes serving Manning and surrounding areas to ensure they are efficient and effective going into the future.

This was followed up by a meeting with interested residents and business owners to further discuss this matter on 12 October 2018, as reported in the Southern Gazette (16 October 2018).

I will be following this up with the Minister following her response, and would welcome thoughts and feedback from my constituents who regularly use the 30 or 31 bus route services.

The full transcript of my speech and the Minister’s response can be found here.

The Member for South Perth Joins Call to Keep Point Peron Camp School Open and Affordable

On 16 August 2018, I raised a grievance in Parliament on behalf of parents and students at Como Secondary College (and Kensington Primary School) who are users of the Point Peron Camp School and are likely to be impacted by the McGowan Government’s decision to defund it.

The full transcript of my speech is available here.

Minister Papalia’s response to my grievance has been disputed by a number of stakeholders who have informed me of the inaccuracies, and continue to engage with the Shadow Education Minister Hon Donna Faragher MLC.

You are welcome to contact me or Shadow Minister Faragher if you have further or ongoing concerns about the McGowan Government’s decision to defund the Point Peron Camp School.

Official Opening of St Emilie’s in Kalamunda – 22 June 2018


I was pleased to attend the official opening of St Emilie’s in Kalamunda on 22 June 2018, which is now home to a new 20-bedroom crisis accommodation facility catering for up to 40 women between the ages of 13 and 33, in need of shelter and support.

The opening of St Emilie’s is a culmination of a process started under the former Liberal National Government – a project I thoroughly and continuously supported and advocated for.

Under the former Liberal National Government, the State Government purchased the site and associated assets for $3.9 million, contributed $200,000 to the fit-out and has leased the new facility to Community Housing Ltd.

The facility is now operated by the Esther Foundation in partnership with the Department of Communities and Community Housing Ltd.

St Emilie’s, a former convent, is situated on a rural 2.6-hectare block containing a small orchard, gardens and a creek. These features complement the Esther Foundation’s holistic nature of services based on healthy living, which contribute to a more stable living environment for young women.

The establishment is equipped with a modern kitchen, communal dining and living area, counselling rooms and an administration area.

The Esther Foundation’s residential program provides essential services for residents including education, counselling, group therapy, intensive support, vocational training, creative arts classes, mentoring programs and life skills classes.