Australia Day 2015 Important Traffic and Parking Information for Residents

Roads will be closed from 8am to 10.30pm on 26 January 2015. No street, verge or crossover parking will be permitted during this time.

I live in the orange area and can park on my private property

You don’t need a special permit. You can enter the area by presenting a valid driver’s license listing your current address. If your driver’s license is registered at another address, please provide a utility bill as proof of address.

I live in the orange area in a single residential property and I don’t have a private parking space

You need a Resident Verge Permit to park on the verge in front of your property. Your crossover is part of the verge so you need the permit to park on your crossover.

I live in the orange area and expect visitors on Australia Day

If you have parking space available on your private property, you can apply for a Visitor Access Permit for your guests, employees etc. This permit does not allow them to park on a verge (including your crossover) or street.

I live in the orange area and require a Care Provider on Australia Day

Should you have a Care Provider scheduled to visit on Australia Day 2015, please contact a Customer Liaison Officer on 9474 0777 to arrange a special permit.

How to Apply for Your Verge Permit

To obtain a Resident Verge Permit you must reside in the orange area, in a single residential property (this does not apply to multi storey properties and unit complexes), and your vehicle must be registered to your address. If your vehicle is not registered to your address (e.g. people driving a work car), please provide proof that links your vehicle to your address (e.g. letter from employer).

A copy of your vehicle’s registration (showing current address or provide additional proof) must be forwarded along with the completed.

Permit application forms can be obtained from the Civic Centre, Cnr Sandgate St and South Tce, South Perth, via email or phone 9474 0777 to request to have an application form mailed out to you.

Pink Area – Restricted Parking

Anyone can access this area but parking is restricted to maintain sufficient access for emergency vehicles. Residents or guests that ordinarily park on the road or verge (this includes your crossover), must observe the temporary parking signs.

ACROD and Bicycle Parking

There are three parking areas for people with disability/ACROD permits.

  • Inside the Celebration Zone (off Mill Point Rd opposite Forrest St)
  • Coode St Car Park (end of Coode St)
  • Hurlingham Rd Car Park (end of Hurlingham Rd)

A valid ACROD permit must be displayed to gain access into the access restricted areas.

Fenced and supervised bicycle parking is available inside the event area. Don’t forget to bring a bike lock.

Free Event Transport Service

To facilitate access to the City of South Perth Celebration Zone, the City will be providing a free shuttle service between the George Burnett Leisure Centre (GBLC: Manning Rd, Cnr Elderfield Rd, Karawara), the City of South Perth Civic Centre (Cnr Sandgate St and South Tce, South Perth) and the event zone.

There will be a special shuttle bus for people with disability and their companions. This small bus has a tail lift for wheelchairs. People with disability that are unable to get to GBLC or the Civic Centre can contact our Customer Service Team on 9474 0777 for possible alternative arrangements.

The shuttle buses will run approximately every 15 minutes back and forth between 10am and 9pm, but not during the fireworks (7.30-8.30pm).

Both GBLC and the Civic Centre are easily accessible from the Kwinana Freeway and have ample parking facilities.

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